Selecting the Right Wheelchair, Wheelchair Sizing and Special Considerations

Fitting someone for a wheelchair might not be simple, but it’s a crucial step toward maintaining both their comfort and safety. While some wheelchair manufacturers take a one size fits all approach, most recognize that different body types, medical needs, and abilities require a custom-tailored fit. Fortunately, selecting the right wheelchair is easier than you might think. Here is everything you need to know about wheelchair sizing, including special considerations for safety, comfort, and fit. Three Crucial Wheelchair Sizing Elements … Read more

Selecting the Right Walker, Walker Sizing and Special Considerations

The right walker can enhance a person’s mobility and independence. But the wrong fit can mean additional pain, mobility challenges, and even an injury. Here are the factors you need to consider when helping a loved one select the right walker for their comfort and wellbeing. Sizing Criteria for Selecting the Right Walker While selecting a walker might seem straightforward, there are many factors to consider when it comes to fit. A properly fitting walker helps promote the user’s mobility, … Read more

5 Great Vans for Wheelchair Accessibility and Mobility 

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, everyone should be able to choose something that’s comfortable, reliable, and suits their needs; including individuals who are wheelchair bound and their families. If you’re shopping for a new wheelchair accessible van, you know that there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration; most importantly, the vehicle has to be designed in such a way that it can be converted  to allow for accessibility. Important features to … Read more

5 Sedans Built with Accessibility in Mind

When it comes to transportation, people who are wheelchair-bound often assume that the only options available to them are vans. But what if you don’t want a van? What if you’d prefer something that’s sleeker, stylish, and more sophisticated? What if you’d prefer a sedan? Think that sedans can’t be accessible? – Think again! Believe it or not, there are several sedans on the market that offer plenty of room, boast tons of features, and can easily be modified to … Read more

Buying Guide: The Best Shopping Cart with a Seat

Buying Guide: The Best Shopping Cart with a Seat Living in a city or in an area where stores are within walking distance can mean a lot of carrying. While lugging three bags full of groceries and other accessories might not be that big of a deal to some people, it can weigh down others. Enter the shopping cart with seat. Not only do these carts help you carry home the items you need, but they also provide a chair, … Read more

Buying Guide: Folding Shopping Cart with Wheels

Grocery shopping in the city, without a car, is often no fun. If you want to get a full week’s worth of groceries, you’re usually faced with a few options, neither of them particularly enjoyable. You can carry bags and bags of food home in your arms. Or, you can call for a cab, Uber or Lyft, which pushes the price of your shopping trip through the stratosphere. A folding shopping cart with wheels takes the hassle out of shopping … Read more

Mobility Friendly Homes in 2020

Source: Is your home mobility friendly? According to the CDC, more than 53 million adults in the United States live with a disability. One in eight adults suffers from a mobility limitation, which includes serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs. With so many people facing limited mobility, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of mobility friendly homes. This article will help you understand everything you need to know about building, renovating, and living in mobility friendly homes, … Read more

Weighted Blankets for Kids

Looking for a natural way to soothe your kids and help them sleep through the night? Weighted blankets are recommended by therapists to help kids relax while the world around them feels too much. What are weighted blankets and what can they do for your child? Here is the complete guide to the best weighted blankets for kids. Looking to join in on the fun? We also have a guide on sizing and buying weighted blankets for adults! What Is … Read more

Weighted Blankets for Adults – Conquer Anxiety and Restlessness

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and just wanted to be held? You’re not alone. Being hugged and held helps your body process what you’re feeling because it releases serotonin, which helps your nervous system calm down. If you feel the overwhelming need to be held on a regular basis, you might benefit from a weighted blanket. Here’s a complete guide to the best weighted blankets for adults on the market. We also have guides sizing and buying weighted blankets for … Read more

Creating A Mobility Friendly City, Your Guide to Access and Advocacy in 2018

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18.2 million American adults find it difficult or impossible to walk a quarter of a mile. Almost 40 million adults in the U.S. have some type of challenge when it comes to functioning physically. The U.S. brims with opportunities for employment, fulfillment and adventure. However, what good are those prospects if they’re impossible to access? Major Challenges To Scooter Or Wheelchair Users A 2017 survey found that 20 percent of people … Read more

Unlocking Nature: Outdoor Accessibility and Activities for The Mobility Challenged

Have you ever been told that you can’t do an activity that everyone else enjoys because you use a wheelchair or walker to get around? Even if you’ve tried to get out, you may have encountered barriers to your mobility. According to, approximately 560,000 people with disabilities don’t leave home because of transportation challenges. Outdoor activities for disabled individuals are possible with a little creative thinking, preparation and knowledge. We’ll go over different types of outdoor activities that are … Read more

Disability Friendly Winter Vacations – Ultimate Guide to Disability Friendly Winter Getaways

Traveling in the winter is fun, but it presents many challenges. When you use a wheelchair or walker, you may worry about finding accessible destinations once the weather gets cold, but there are many disability-friendly winter vacations you can take all over the world. Here are 12 holiday getaways ideal for walker and wheelchair users, plus some tips on how to make the most of your vacation and avoid delays. Prep For Your Winter Getaway Here’s a checklist for wheelchair … Read more

DIY Wheelchair Cushions – Comfort and Stlye at a Fraction of the Cost!

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair all day, you know how uncomfortable it can be to sit on a stiff, thin cushion or a worn-out one. Instead of buying an expensive wheelchair cushion replacement, why not make your own? Here, you’ll learn how to make a wheelchair cushion and customize it for your comfort. You can even use bright, unusual fabrics you’d never find in a medical supply house. A few basics: Choose the fabric and pattern … Read more

DIY Weighted Blanket for Adults and Kids

You can buy weighted blankets for autism, anxiety and sensory issues online, but they can cost a hundred dollars or more. For families on a budget, it’s more practical to learn how to make a custom DIY weighted blanket right at home. That being said… If you’re looking to buy, you’ll want to see our reviews of the best weighted blankets for adults and weighted blankets for kids on the market! When you make a weighted blanket, you have more … Read more

Front Wheel Walkers

Today there are several types of walkers and walking aids on the market. It can be difficult to know what the differences are and which one is best suited for you. The common choices now available are: standard walkers front wheel walkers 3 wheel rollators 4 wheel rollators Standard walkers have four legs with no wheels. Rollators have 3 or 4 legs all with wheels. Front wheeled walkers have wheels on only the two front legs. The two wheels are … Read more

Bariatric Rollators – Heavy Duty Rollators

Bariatric rollators, also referred to as heavy duty rollators, are meant for larger users who can’t fit into standard size rollators or find them uncomfortable. Many standard rollators have a 400 pound or less limit. Fortunately, there are several heavy-duty rollators to choose from today. With health problems or old age, it’s difficult enough to keep your balance without worrying about supporting your own weight. Bariatric rollators typically have a weight capacity range from 400 to 600 pounds, but some … Read more

Knee Scooters

A knee scooter is a four-wheeled mobility device that is designed to support the shin or an unusable limb, with the opposite foot being used for propulsion with handlebars designed for maneuverability. The knee scooter is ideal for those who have a leg brace or are required to limit their scope of movement on a particular joint. A knee scooter is an alternative to the crutch, with it being the ideal solution for those who are recovering from knee surgery, … Read more

Rollators for Seniors Citizens

What is a Rollator? Rollators are simply walkers with wheels at the end of each leg. There are 3 wheel and 4 wheel varieties. It can become difficult for some people to use a standard walker. Traditional walkers require more strength and endurance. Rollators are a solution that allows for greater and faster mobility. They come with a variety of features like pockets, baskets, seats, and backrests for taking a break. These features are designed to enhance daily life and … Read more

4 Wheel Walkers

Today, more and more people are choosing wheeled walkers, or rollators, over traditional models which have no wheels, or only wheels in the front. A wheeled walker makes it easy to get around if you don’t have the strength or endurance to lift and push a regular walker continuously. There are a few types of wheeled walkers that you might consider: 3 wheeled walker 4 wheeled walker Bariatric (heavy duty) wheeled walker In this article, we’ll focus on the pros … Read more

All Terrain Knee Walkers

Knee walkers are mobility devices that allow you to stay active while you’re recovering from a sprained ankle, a knee injury, or want pain relief from a joint. They usually require a larger learning curve than other mobility devices, but once learned; you will find that knee walkers allow you to travel farther with less effort. Knee walkers also remove the painful pressure points around your armpit that tend to occur with crutches. All Terrain Knee Walkers Versus Traditional Knee … Read more

3 Wheel Walkers

What is a 3 Wheel Walker? Most people are aware of the traditional walker, front wheel walkers, and 4 wheel walkers, but there’s an additional option that many are finding convenient and practical. Using a 3-wheel walker is a different experience, ideal for those who want greater and more flexible mobility. Its triangular shape helps it fit into a wide array of spaces, and when folded, it is easy to transport or store. What are the Benefits of Using a … Read more

Rollators for Tall People

Why Should I Buy a Tall Rollator? A rollator can help you to maintain your independence by allowing you to continue walking by yourself without the help of a friend or caretaker. Instead of relying on an unstable cane or letting yourself get slowed down by an awkward walker, you can use the wheeled frame of a rollator to travel by foot without trouble. Height can pose unique challenges for mobility impaired individuals, making the already difficult task of walking … Read more

Lightweight Rollators

Who Should Buy a Lightweight Rollator? Sometimes, canes or walkers simply aren’t the best option when it comes to getting around. Rollators make it easy to walk from point A to point B with ease for the mobility impaired, offering more stability than a cane and a smoother ride than a walker. The wheels that are attached to each leg of a rollator allow you to walk quickly and efficiently without straining yourself. Many models also have a built-in seat … Read more

Rollators for Short People – Petite Rollators

Why Should I Buy a Rollator? A rollator can help you to preserve your independence when you find it difficult to move around on your own without assistance. Unlike a cane, rollators provide stability and support through three or four sturdy legs, and unlike walkers, wheels mean that you don’t strain yourself by lifting weight with each step. No matter what your size, most rollators are designed to adjust to different heights to offer a more comfortable ride and support … Read more

Foldable Rollators

Why Should I Buy a Folding Rollator? Rollators can help you stay active even with limited mobility, whether you’re frail, elderly, or temporarily recovering from illness or injury. If you’re thinking about purchasing a rollator to help you get around town, you may want to consider purchasing a portable option that you can take with you wherever you go. Folding rollators offer the same benefits as regular rollators, supporting you with stable, wheeled legs that can help you to walk … Read more

Alumnimum Rollators

Rollators are mobility aids frequently used by those who are suffering from a degenerative disease like arthritis or some form of fibromyalgia. Traditional walkers and canes require the person using them to exert themselves when moving about, requiring energy and coordination that they may not have. Rollators are easier to use than a standard walker, with accessories and customization options allowing a rollator to be a useful and unobtrusive tool. Benefits of An Aluminum Rollator Aluminum rollators get their strength … Read more

Outdoor Rollators

After orthopedic surgery, many people need mobility aids like a rollator. When compared to other mobility tools, a rollator offers the ability for people to step with a walking gait that is more natural. For example, individuals who must use crutches or a standard walker cannot do sharp turns or change directions quickly. Not only can a rollator gives back a sense of autonomy for users, but outdoor rollators are robust mobility aids that are designed to withstand extended use … Read more

Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions – Heavy Duty Cushions

Having proper cushioning in a wheelchair is not only essential to comfort, but also for the overall health of the individual using a wheelchair. Many basic wheelchairs lack necessary cushioning to provide comfort and support. If you are a caregiver to someone or your loved one uses a bariatric wheelchair, a seat cushion is a “must have.” Don’t think of it as an extra accessory but rather a necessary feature. With dozens of wheelchair cushions on the market, it can … Read more

Gel Wheelchair Cushions

Imagine watching a movie while sitting on a couch that’s missing a cushion or taking a long car ride while sitting on a seat without cushioning. For many individuals who rely on the use of a wheelchair, this discomfort is common, particularly if they don’t have a supportive or comfortable seat cushion. Not only is feeling uncomfortable for long stretches a hassle, but it can affect the overall well-being of someone who uses a wheelchair. Anyone who has ever experienced … Read more

Lift Chairs

Getting in and out of a chair can become difficult due to age, mobility issues, and other health conditions. Just because you or someone you care for may have trouble getting in and out of a favorite recliner doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice comfort. Rather than continuing to struggle or getting a chair that’s uncomfortable, why not consider a lift chair? At first glance, a lift chair (also known as power lift recliners) looks just like a regular … Read more

Ultralight Wheelchairs

The heavier a wheelchair is, the more difficult it is for a person to move it. If your loved one has been using a standard wheelchair, he or she might struggle to move the chair up hills. You might have also found that it’s difficult to push the chair on hills or other uneven surfaces. Lightweight and ultra-lightweight wheelchairs are the perfect solutions for the person on the go. The wheelchair’s weight and size makes them easier to transport as … Read more

Lightweight Wheelchairs

The purpose of a wheelchair is often to increase a person’s mobility. But a chair that is heavy or awkward to maneuver is going to increase the difficulty of getting out and about with ease. Lightweight wheelchairs are designed to be easy to handle and transport. You can easily pick up a lightweight wheelchair and store it in the trunk or back of a car or a closet. People who use lighter wheelchairs also often find them easier to propel. … Read more

Rollator Transport Chair Combo

You have probably seen someone use a rollator transport chair without knowing it. These combination walkers/transport wheelchairs resemble a standard walk-behind rollator. Flip over the walker seat into a transport chair seat in situations where you need to rest and have a friend or aide push the wheelchair instead. What is a Rollator Transport Chair? A wheelchair and rolling walker (also known as a rollator transport chair) serve the needs of elderly and others who have mobility problems. Use it … Read more

Van Wheelchair Ramps

A wheelchair ramp is essential to travel and transport. Individuals who rely on the use of a wheelchair must be able to access a vehicle safely and confidently; most vehicles lack the proper equipment. Portable wheelchair ramps are a great alternative to purchasing a van with a wheelchair ramp or lift system already included. Maybe you’re a caregiver of someone who has recently started to use a wheelchair, or you’re not quite ready to buy a conversion van. A portable … Read more

Reclining Wheelchairs

You have a lot to think about when selecting a wheelchair for your loved one. Not all wheelchairs are the same and not every wheelchair is going to be an appropriate choice for people with certain conditions. For example, if your loved one will be in the chair for an extended period, a reclining wheelchair is often a better option than a standard manual chair. People with conditions such as orthostatic hypotension can also benefit from using a reclining wheelchair. … Read more

Bariatric Wheelchairs

Standard, self-propelled or transport wheelchairs accommodate users who weigh up to 250 pounds. If you (or someone you love) weigh more than that and need a wheelchair, many manufacturers offer bariatric wheelchairs, which provide comfort and support for users weighing up to 800 pounds. Bariatric wheelchairs offer customized options for disabled or elderly individuals weighing over 250 pounds. These wheelchairs have extra-wide seats and backrests and offer well-constructed bodies and wheels to support the extra weight. Unlike standard wheelchairs, bariatric … Read more

Transport Wheelchairs

Lightweight, foldable transport wheelchairs combine the features of a self-propelled wheelchair and a portable rollator. These wheelchairs have small wheels instead if the large wheels of a standard wheelchair, so you won’t be able to propel it yourself. A family member or caregiver pushes the chair instead. Transport chairs make it easier to go to the mall, the doctor, restaurants or theaters. They give you (or your relative) the freedom to accompany others to outings or events.  Most transport wheelchairs … Read more

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Built-in ramps make taking a wheelchair-bound friend or relative to a doctor’s appointment or the mall safe and convenient. Visiting a private home or another location without an ADA-compliant ramp may make it difficult to maneuver a wheelchair into the building over steps or a high door threshold.  Unless you have a permanent wheelchair ramp in front of the entrance to your home, getting someone in a wheelchair out of the house and into a vehicle can be a chore. … Read more

Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs

Your Guide to the Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs Some wheelchairs weigh a ton, and others have a fixed, rigid frame. Those styles aren’t ideal for a person who wants to be on the move or for an individual who craves independence. A wheelchair that’s easy to push and that folds up for compact storage is perfect for someone who’s on the go and who wants to remain active for as long as possible. The History of the Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Although … Read more